St. James City Farm

St. James City Farm

You could be forgiven for thinking that you were dreaming when you’re in the middle of Gloucester and you see cows or sheep running about. But for 13 years St James City farm has provided a taste of the countryside in the heart of the city of Gloucester.

With exciting projects ranging from learning how to grow your own vegetables to getting young people to design and build livestock housing, the City Farm has partnered up with a range of organisation to get these ideas off the ground. Offering hands on practical farm experience shows how we can connect young people to these opportunities acting as a gateway, building knowledge, experience and aspiration so city kids can take their place at the table and play a part in our thriving rural economy.

Now that the farm is run as a community project by a charity the challenge is not only to maintain the huge interest in the organisation but to take it forward. Connecting the tremendous talent in the City with the many opportunities in training, employment and leisure found in the country is what we want to do.


St James City Farm

23 Albany Street
GloucesterGloucestershire, England GL1 4NG
United Kingdom
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01452 305728
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