Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington Zoo is one of the oldest areas in the park and is split in two parts. The west side of the park is home to Trails of the Kings; a walkthrough attraction home to enclosures for gorillas, tigers, lions and Binturong. In the spring of 2009, a gorilla baby was born which the park celebrated and named Mbula. The east side contains various smaller enclosures home to capybaras, rhea, mara, wallabies, meerkats and agouti in the Creature Features area. There is also a 'Monkey & Bird Garden' with a squirrel monkey walk-through as well as a host of other exotic birds and monkeys. Just outside this is the Children's Zoo.

Forbidden Kingdom is themed around ancient Egypt and is home to two rides. Tomb Blaster is an interactive laser dark ride themed as an adventure into a historic tomb, with many large theatrical effects such as re-animated mummies, scarab beetles and a giant snake.

Land of the Dragons opened in 2004 and is a self contained, dragon-themed land with play areas and more rides.

Market Square is the central area of the park and home to shops, video arcades and food stalls.

Mexicana is home to two rollercoasters. Rattlesnake is the main roller coaster in the area, with a supporting roller coaster, the Runaway Train.

Mystic East is an oriental-themed area. It is home to the expansive Dragon Falls log flume. The ride, opened in 1987, takes riders around "Mystic East".

Pirates Cove is a land adjacent to "Transylvania", home to the Black Buccaneer, a swinging pirate ship 'Seastorm', a small circular ride where riders sit in small boats that spin up and down as they are rotated round.

Toytown, situated in the centre of the park, adjacent to Market Square. It is home to a number of gentle rides for young visitors.

Discover the ancient ruins of Wild Asia, a new and mythical land where families can navigate their way through fallen temples to discover a crumbling lost land rumoured to channel supernatural powers of sacred animals. In a clearing in the jungle brave adventurers are challenged to take on the KOBRA, a new spinning disc ride! Further into the jungle, explorers can go on a bumpy tour on the Jungle Bus or try their luck on the Tuk Tuk Turmoil Dodgems, get soaked on the cheeky Monkey Swinger before going jungle crazy in the Temple of Mayhem.

Within the park there is the Burnt Stub Mansion from the English Civil War.


Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Leatherhead Road
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United Kingdom
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