Chastleton House

Chastleton House was built as a Jacobean country house. It was built with the wealth of wool-merchant, Walter Jones around 1610.

The house has many rooms and a complex layout, so admission to the house is therefore by timed ticket as the number of concurrent visitors needs to be limited.

Attractions include:

  • rare and fragile items on display

  • 400 year old kitchen that has never had the ceiling cleaned

  • explorer packs for children, plus a community garden coming soon

  • lived-in character with real crackling fires

  • orchards and herbaceous borders

  • beehives and a badger sett

The Elizabethan garden is a classic design of the period and at the centre is a Jacobean topiary ring. This ring of oddly-shaped hedges has been neglected and whilst now being restored has some funky and unearthly shapes. It was in this garden in 1865 that the rules for the modern game of croquet were created on the lawns surrounding the house.
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Croquet at Chastleton

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