Bibury Trout Farm

Bibury Trout Farm

The village of Bibury has been referred to as the ‘most beautiful village in England’ by William Morris and has an historic Mill, Arlington Row and the beautiful St Mary’s Church.

Bibury Trout Farm is one of Britain’s oldest, and certainly most attractive, Trout Farms.

Founded in 1902, by the famous naturalist Arthur Severn, to stock the local rivers and streams with the native Brown Trout it now covers 15 acres in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cotswolds, the Coln Valley.  The Bibury Spring provides the essential pure water required to run the hatchery which spawns up to 6 million trout ova every year.

Activities include

  • feeding the trout

  • picnicking

  • catch your own trout (rod and bait supplied)

  • cafeteria and shop

Bibury Trout Farm

BiburyGloucestershire, England GL7 5NL
United Kingdom
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+441285 740212
+441285 740392
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