Intruder & Seven Princesses

Time and Date: 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 19:30
Intruder & Seven Princesses

This double-feature of short plays takes Maurice Maeterlinck’s poetic, fable-like work and reinterprets them in the style of classic 1930s horror. His highly symbolic style provides a rich grounding for this haunting style, delving into the most primal aspects of human experience. Witness the approach of death through the eyes of the blind Grandfather in Intruder - a meditation on madness and mortality. And see what tragic consequences will befall Prince Marcellus when the Seven Princesses awake from their sleep of seven years…

This pair of plays will transport you to the world of dreams and nightmares – within days of Halloween!

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Oxford Playhouse

11-12 Beaumont Street BT Studio
OxfordOxfordshire OX1 2LW
United Kingdom
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