Zoological parks

Beale Park

Beale Park

Beale Park's the place to be with fun, adventure, animals, gardens, play and activities on the banks of the picturesque River Thames. A great day out for all ages near Pangbourne in Berkshire. Our season runs from February 11th to November 4th 2012, during the season we are open 7 days a week. The Park caters for all ages with fun and adventure, animals and gardens. Discounted prices apply in low season as restricted services may operate.

Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade is home to more than 2,500 animals, many of which are endangered in the wild.

As Whipsnade Zoo has such huge grounds, visitors have occasionally been known to think it is a safari park. However, visitors are allowed to bring their cars into the grounds, which are allowed into the one large drive through area, ‘Passage through Asia’. Alternatively you can take the free Safari bus around the zoo which stops at all the main exhibits.

West Midlands Safari Park

The West Midlands Safari Park contains a 4-mile safari. The safari section contains around 600 animals from around 30 different species from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America.

Along with the 4 mile safari, is a large theme park, a 'Discovery Zone' containing reptile and insect houses among other attractions.

Odds Farm

A kid’s farm for all ages. For a cool mixture of fun, play & education, Odds Farm is the ideal outing for families, schools, groups and birthday parties – essential adventure for kids of all ages – all in a safe environment.

Activities include:

  • Sheep Racing

  • Rabbit World

  • Animal Births

  • Summer Goat Racing

  • Milking

  • Goat Show

  • Maze

  • Bottle Feeding Lambs

  • Crazy Golf

Woburn Abbey and Safari Park

Woburn Abbey, comprising Woburn Park and its buildings, was originally founded as a Cistercian abbey in 1145. Taken from its monastic residents by Henry VIII and given to John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford in 1547, it became the seat of the Russell Family and the Dukes of Bedford. The Abbey was largely rebuilt starting in 1741 by the architects Henry Flitcroft and Henry Holland for the 4th Duke. Anna Maria, the wife of the 7th Duke, originated the afternoon tea ritual in 19th-century England.

Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington Zoo is one of the oldest areas in the park and is split in two parts. The west side of the park is home to Trails of the Kings; a walkthrough attraction home to enclosures for gorillas, tigers, lions and Binturong. In the spring of 2009, a gorilla baby was born which the park celebrated and named Mbula. The east side contains various smaller enclosures home to capybaras, rhea, mara, wallabies, meerkats and agouti in the Creature Features area. There is also a 'Monkey & Bird Garden' with a squirrel monkey walk-through as well as a host of other exotic birds and monkeys.

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo Gardens is much more than a fun-filled and stimulating day out for all the family. It's a place to learn more out about animals in the wild – especially endangered ones. The zoo is a registered charity and needs your support. Your visit will help us, along with our sister organisation the Bristol Conservation & Science foundation (for more information click the link on the right) protect wild animals and their natural habitats for future generations to enjoy.

Marwell Zoological Park

A visit to Marwell Wildlife is a chance to get close to the wonders of the natural world – and play a big part in helping to save them. From ring-tailed coatis to red-eyed tree frogs, laughing kookaburra to frilled lizards, giraffe-nosed catfishes to bat-eared foxes – our 140-acre park is home to over 250 exotic and endangered species, in beautiful, landscaped surroundings.

Hawk Conservancy

Set in 22 acres of woodland and wildflower meadow, there are over 150 birds of prey on view, from the tiny Pygmy Owl to the impressive Steller's Sea Eagles! Many of these birds are involved in our spectacular daily flying demonstrations, whilst others are part of important breeding or environmental enrichment projects. Quite frankly, a marvellous and educational day out for all ages. The flying displays are very impressive and the species of birds on display is vast.

Avon Valley Country Park

Avon Valley Country Park where the combination of nature, attractions and stunning scenery ensures that the hours of fun are endless at one of the West's most popular family destinations. 

And families can adventure together too: climb aboard the punctual 'Strawberry Line' - the longest five-inch miniature gauge railway in the West Country - stroll along an interesting walk around the winding river (with challenging obstacles for the children), have fun in a boat and many exciting activities in the extensive grounds.

Bath City Farm

Bath City Farm is a registered charity. They rely on grants, membership and donations to support the site and animals. They run regular volunteer days, school visits, education courses, after schools and holiday activities for young people and families as well as events and celebrations for the whole community.

attractions include:

  • pigs

  • soay sheep

  • ducks

  • geese

  • cattle

Roves Farm

Roves Farm is a 166 hectare, working, mixed, open farm, situated 3 miles north east of Swindon. And because it is mostly undercover, it's a great place to visit come rain or shine! Roves Farm is a 166 hectare, working, mixed, open farm, situated 3 miles north east of Swindon. There are lots of things going on for everyone, from the very young to the older generation.

Attractions include:

  • tractor rides

  • animal feeding

  • adventure playground

  • toddler playground

  • bale stack

Cattle Country Adventure Park

Cattle Country in Berkeley, Gloucestershire is a great day out come rain or shine for children, and adults too. Best known for its indoor and outdoor play equipment, Cattle Country has a whole range of things to do and many animals to see. Whenever the park is closed to the public, private parties can be booked for exclusive use of the park.

Attractions include

  • willow maze

  • boating lake

  • bison handling pens

  • wild flower garden

  • function centre

  • restaurant

Lower Shaw Farm

Whether you are looking for a relaxing break, a stimulating weekend of new experiences, or wanting to learn a new skill, look no further than Lower Shaw Farm!

At Lower Shaw Farm produce organic and local food and enjoy good talk, or music-making and storytelling round the fire in the yard, by the wood stove, or in the Circle Garden.

Visitors come from all over the UK and from abroad, and the farm is also a valued resource for the local community. The mantra is that today’s stranger is tomorrow’s friend and that life is for learning at Lower Shaw Farm!

St. James City Farm

You could be forgiven for thinking that you were dreaming when you’re in the middle of Gloucester and you see cows or sheep running about. But for 13 years St James City farm has provided a taste of the countryside in the heart of the city of Gloucester.

Studley Grange Butterfly World

At Studley Grange there are three attractions:

Studley Grange Butterfly World:

You can walk among some of the most beautiful butterflies in the World, flying freely against a backdrop of tropical plants and skimming over fish-filled ponds.

The Craft Village:

See arts and crafts being created

The Farm Park

Wher you can see geese, goats, chickens, pheasants, pigs, sheep and lambs (in season) 

St Augustines Farm

You can get close to the animals and feed some of them yourself with the feed on sale.  Other animals you can feed with us; the baby calves are bottle fed in the morning and in the afternoon after milking and the pigs are fed at lunchtime.

Watch the milking and discover where the creamy white stuff you put on your cereal comes from.

Follow the farm trail around the fields and the mini woodland trail to spot wildlife.  There are searches and quizzes to do every day to make sure you don’t miss anything – and a small reward if you get them right

Living Rainforest

The Living Rainforest has over 700 species of plants and animals to discover, in addition to a ‘Human Impact’ exploration space. It is largely devoted to generating awareness of the plight of the World's rainforests and the animals that live in them.

Attractions include:

  • a giant water lily

  • a dwarf crocodile

  • Goeldi's monkeys

  • tropical trails

The Living Rainforest / Trust for Sustainable Living
Hampstead Norreys
Berkshire RG18 0TN

Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

The birthplace of modern conservation, Slimbridge Wetland Centre is set within 325 hectares against a spectacular Severn Estuary backdrop. Land Rover rides and canoe safaris guarantee close encounters with a dazzling array of wetland life and there’s lots for our young visitors to enjoy, including the welly-boot land play area.

Slimbridge is home to a huge variety of wildlife including the world's largest collection of swans, geese, and ducks.

Wigginton Waterfowl Sanctuary & Children's Farm

The Wigginton Waterfowl Sanctuary and Childrens' Farm is the brainchild of Mable Warner, who converted the 22 acre site in 1989 into a sanctuary. The design and layout of the Sanctuary is designed around the natural features of the land and the existing natural springs system.

The Sanctuary, of course, encourages your responsible contact with wildlife, you can enjoy meadowland, hedgerows with wild flora and Wildlife ponds. Many native wildlife choose the site as their home including wild rabbits, birds of prey, frogs and newts.

Prinknash Abbey Bird and Deer Park

Great landscaping in '74 to give a superb backdrop to beautiful birds, by incorporating delightful follies, landscaped parkland and a dash of charm supplied by the carefully chosen deer, and pygmy goats.

This 9-acre parkland is home to peacocks, waterfowl, golden pheasants and fallow deer. A tree lined path lead visitors around the park to the aviary.  The old abbey fish ponds have been re-landscaped and contain many large fish.

The park has been dubbed "the biggest pets' corner in England".

Highlights include: